Unlimited savings goals

Set saving goals, keep track of your savings, and save more money!

Select anything you'd like to save from our range of goals in the Quarter App. Popular choices include Travel Money Cards and ISA Deposits. As a bonus, you can add as many goals as you like and save for each individually.

Once you’ve started saving, it’s easy to track the progress across all your saving goals at a glance. If you decide you'd like to set your goal now, you can do so at any time. 

Background audio

You don't even have to switch off your music. The Quarter App will not block or stop your music player. You can open your financial reports while listening to your favorite song. Moreover, you can even choose a soundtrack for each folder. Music makes your way around finance more fun!



Put the benchmarks and spending limits to keep you in check with the financial situation. If you are on the road to achieving a financial goal or getting close your spending limit, the app will warn you with the immediate notification or reminder. You will receive notes by text about low balances, too large transactions, account activity, rewards, compensations, and more.

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Simple intuitive interface

Our application has nothing to do with the stereotype of boring financial affairs. There are no annoying spreadsheets, diagrams, and graphs, but a gamified design with a system of setting any amount of your financial goals and rewards. Minimize your spendings and focus on what's important to you.



Export all the financial data in pdf, xls, or docx in custom designed reports. You can also share your financial progress with friends. Show your weakly and monthly reports, and achievements directly by means of social media. 

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